ClusterTech encourages its employees to actively participate in charitable activities in order to serve the community. In the past, ClusteTech staff has participated in registration for bone marrow donations, blood donations, recycling programmes, and toy/book donations.


ClusterTech Primary School

After the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, ClusterTech supported the reconstruction of Fanjiachuan Township Primary School, Huan County, Gansu through “Sowers Action”. In April 2011, Dr. PH Ng, Business Director of ClusterTech, presided at the opening ceremony of the new schoolhouse.

In addition to addressing the material needs of the school, ClusterTech also encouraged teachers to use the latest education research to improve teaching quality, set up a library, improve nutrition and promoted physical education at the school.


World Vision Hong Kong – 30-Hour Famine

In April 2014, ClusterTech’s Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai offices participated in the World Vision Hong Kong “Skip-a-meal” programme. During the event, colleagues donated their lunch money to starving children and experienced starving themselves. A one-hour information session was hosted by a frontline Program Manager from World Vision International – China Office to describe how the organisation makes use of the funding in the project sites and how expenditure is monitored. This event helped ClusterTech staff understand that in poverty alleviation, apart from building and construction, more effort on community participation, capacity building and changes in values is needed.