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ClusterTech Limited

ClusterTech Limited (formerly known as Cluster Technology Limited) is committed to improving operational efficiency for our clients through advanced computing technology including cloud, high performance computing, big data and FPGA. We provide a comprehensive range of services and products to solve problems in massive data processing, large-scale computing, in-depth analysis, artificial intelligence, uninterrupted service. Our business areas include financial engineering ( investment analysis, risk management , derivatives pricing , etc.), business intelligence ( sales forecasting , customer management, inventory management, etc.), environmental science ( weather forecast, heavy rain and turbulence forecasting, analysis and prediction of pollution, etc. ), smart city ( information gathering, information analysis, optimization and management ), and internet applications ( massive image processing, video storage and delivery ). We also provide public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.

ClusterTech has provided customized computing technologies to companies and organizations ranging from finance to the public service. Our clients include HSBC, the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 2001, our vision of developing high performance computing (HPC) technologies gained sponsorship from the Innovation and Technology Commission, and we developed the ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE) for HSBC and DBS to support Financial Engineering applications on clusters. In 2002, the Center for Large-Scale Computation (CLC), was established by ClusterTech and the Chinese University of Hong Kong to provide professional consultancy and software development services for financial institutions in Asia, Europe and the America. CLC was named as the only “Competence Center for Financial Engineering” in Asia-Pacific region by Sun Microsystems.

Through our services in Mainland China, we are promoting high performance computing technologies in commercial and industrial applications. In 2009, our ClusterTech HPC Environment Software Stack (CHESS) won the “Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit” and “Excellent Software Product in China”. In 2011, ClusterTech lunched Cluster Traffic Organizer (CTO) and ClusterTech ConsoAdvisor (CCA). In 2012, our private cloud platform CCMP (ClusterTech Cloud Management Platform) received the “Innovative Product Award of 2012 China Cloud Computing Data Center” award, and our public could platform Fengqi.Asia won the “Excellence Award on Operation and Management of China Cloud Computing Data Center”. In the same year, Our Beijing branch received the Chinese High-tech Enterprise Certification and ClusterTech was awarded as the “IT Leading Enterprise Award of Hong Kong, Macau and Shengzhen”. In 2013, the “Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit” was awarded to ClusterTech again for the “Fengqi.Asia” Public Cloud.

Founded in 2000, ClusterTech has enjoyed years of steady growth, extended its business from its Hong Kong headquarters to Mainland China, Taiwan, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore, and provided modern computing products and services to more than 100 national organizations and companies in China. With the deployment of branch and representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi’an, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, we can provide local support to our clients. Group members include Clustertech Beijing Limited, Clustertech Investment (CTI), CTU, CTY, Beijing RhymeGo Ltd, and CT-Australia.

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