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Announcing the expansion of Fengqi.Asia Eastern China (Shanghai) region

Fengqi.Asia is pleased to announce its new Eastern China (Shanghai) region data center. Effective immediately, we offer a fast and low latency cloud experience for applications/games/online business in the eastern part of Mainland China.

This newly launched Shanghai region center supports all Fengqi.Asia services, including:

  • Basic instance

-SmartOS SmartMachine
-Windows 2008 RS Standard Edition

  • Database

-MySQL SmartMachine
-Percona SQL SmartMachine
-MongoDB SmartMachine
-Riak NoSQL SmartMachine

  • Infrastructure Appliance

-Stingray Traffic Manager

Users are welcome to sign up and get started by visiting https://portal.fengqi.asia/login

In addition to this service, a datacenter in Beijing and three datacenters in Hong Kong are available. Our IaaS cloud solution provides a reliable, scalable and high performance infrastructure for online business to reach their end-users. As part of our commitment to datacenter services, we will continue to expand the Fengqi.Asia footprint in the Greater China and other Asia Pacific regions.

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