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Announcing the Release of ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE) Version 3.3

ClusterTech is pleased to announce the release of the ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE) version 3.3. This version features several improvements over version 3.2.

Lookup server connection
In addition to the ConnectBack option, version 3.3 introduces the Lookup server connection that allows the user front-end to initiate a direct connection to the compute back-end. It optionally provides proxy service to forward communication between the front-end and the back-end. These features allow CPE to be safely deployed in enterprise environments with different network topology, firewall and heightened security policies.

Improvement on system performance
The CPE Job Distribution (JD) library is now enhanced with a synchronous API that allows users to load data to all back-end compute processes. This helps users reduce the overhead of sending large amounts of data for every job in data-intensive computation.

Broader support
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 is now an officially supported platform. This continues our support for enterprise servers such as RHEL 5 and Windows Server 2008. In addition, CPE now has experimental support for IBM Platform products including a queue driver for LSF.

Miscellaneous Improvements
CPE version 3.3 includes other minor bug fixes, better error detection and reporting, and enhancements suggested by user feedback.

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