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Announcing the Release of CPE (ClusterTech Parallel Environment) Version 3.2

Hong Kong – 01 Dec, 2012

ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE) version 3.2ClusterTech is pleased to announce the release of the ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE) version 3.2. This version features several improvements over version 3.1.

Specific Support for PBS Professional

CPE v3.2 provides a new PBS Pro driver that, apart from supporting traditional PBS family command-line interface, adapt to use PBS Pro’s “select” resource requirement specification syntax.

Comprehensive Logging Management

CPE v3.2 supports time-based rolling policy to ease system administrators in manipulating logs. There are more configuration options to partition and specify path structure of logs.

Support System-wide Configuration File

For easier deployment by system administrator to general users, CPE v3.2 adds system-wide configuration file to encapsulate configuration that are determined by system administrator rather than users. Users are now freed from managing configuration items they are not interested in.

Improvements on system performance

Along the continued development and maintenance of CPE, this release contains improvements from core code base review and refinement, and fixes of identified issues.

For more information, please visit: CPE

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