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ClusterTech at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2014

“China’s No.1 Hi-Tech Fair” 

Following the Nanjing CIS Expo, ClusterTech was once again selected as one of the top Hong Kong software companies to exhibit at the prestigious “China Hi-Tech Fair” (CHTF).

For this event, ClusterTech selected Fengqi.Asia, a public cloud hosting service, and ConsoAdvisor, an intelligent inventory control system. Both of them were very well received.


Hello, Free WiFi Available!

The exhibition venue was enormous, so we offered a space for visitors to relax, chat and enjoy free WiFi. This opportunity was used to experiment our latest product ChicFi – a router that enables easy connection using WeChat. An attachable screen cleaner for smartphones was given to our visitor courtesy of AirHuXi.


Knowledge Sharing at the HKSiA Platform

Our product manger Kelvin of ConsoAdvisor and Jessie of Fengqi Asia were present to share their knowledge about inventory management and public cloud IaaS.


Inno Valley Up Next

Following CHTF 2014, our next event is at the Inno Valley in Guangzhou. We look forward to meeting you there!

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