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ClusterTech exhibited at China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair 2015


Following Nanjing’s CIS Expo and Shenzhen’s CHTF, Cluster Tech attended the 3rd China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair 2015 (CSITF) in Shanghai. The event, held from 23-25 April 2015 at the Shanghai Expo, combined the philosophy of “Better Technology, Better Life”, with a theme of “Innovation-driven Development, Intellectual Property Protection, Technology Trade Promotion”. As multiple national and municipal leaders visited the event, it was bound to receive a lot of media attention. ClusterTech, once again selected as one of the top software enterprises to showcase its technologies at the Hong Kong technology zone, was a major presence at the show. ClusterTech presented four products at the show, namely ClusterTech Cloud Management Platform (CCMP), ClusterTech Image Processor (CIP), Fengqi Asia cloud computing, and AirHuXi. It was great to engage with visitors interested in our technologies. With the rapid development of cloud computing and big data, the I.T. industry has been undergoing drastic changes. Enterprises continue to increase their budgets for cloud computing, and have their eyes on the huge economic gains made possible by Big Data and enabled through Cluster Tech.

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