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Historical data is valuable as it reflects trends in the ever-changing business world. Nevertheless, transforming old, diversified data to systematic, useful information for analysis, decision making, business planning and forecast generating is a tough task.

ClusterTech Churn Model Solution helps clients uncover the relationships among many factors behind businesses. Our experts decide what models, methodology, dimensions and algorithms to use and turn them into scientific calculation methods for visualizing results and metrics for determination.

ClusterTech has developed the state-of-the-art ClusterTech Neural Network Library (CNNL) which consists of Bayesian Multilayer Perceptron (BMLP) and Hierarchical Mixture of Expert (HME) for data mining and modeling. On top of that, we have also adopted multiple advanced techniques and methodologies in trend model building which includes Classical Statistical Modeling, Linear Regression, Artificial Neural Network, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Decision Tree, Logistic Regression and IGARCH model.


Better Forecasting

Taking into account of all underlying factors from historical data, clients can have more accurate prediction of sales, backlogs, stock levels, churn rates, etc. Management can simply refer to figures and diagrams from data models by defining multiple dimensions for making business estimations.

Easy Formulation of Strategies

Organizations can make use of the indices provided by churn prediction models to evaluate the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies and achieve business goals. By quantifying strengths and weaknesses of products, services or campaigns, market segmentation and cross-selling can be done in a much easier way.

Customer Behaviour Analysis

With figures generated by data models, it can be used as a reference for conducting primary and secondary research to identify and understand customer needs, preferences, value perceptions and potential.

Business Intelligence

Automatic Relevance Determination (ARD) generates business insights by translating model results. This helps maximize sales and reduce costs in the long run.

Consultancy and Customization

With rich experiences in serving clients from various industries, ClusterTech provides Data Mining and Modeling consultancy services with domain-specific knowledge. Customization can be made to cater to diversified needs of respective business natures. Constant review of models and forecast accuracy or further development of models can be arranged upon request.

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