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Are you spending too much time moving stocks to the right shops?


High level of stock circulation is a crucial factor for maintaining good supply chain management. For those with retail, trading and logistics businesses, a comprehensive stock transfer system helps users utilize the full capacity of warehouses and enhance efficiency in daily operations. ClusterTech Stock Allocation Solution (CSCS) provides a platform that fosters faster stock movement processes by simplifying manual, clumsy stock replenishment and ordering / re-ordering procedures. It eliminates human errors and manpower consumption by allocating the right number of goods or excess stock from warehouse to retail stores and maintaining reasonable in-store stock (safety stock) level. CSCS is especially suitable for stores with fast moving consumer goods. It generates crucial sales forecasting and order planning figures for Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR).


Automatic Allocation

Allocation can be performed automatically and periodically by adopting client’s existing POS system.

User Preference

Users can set the Transfer Limit, Minimum Quantity in Shop, Shop Capacity and PLU Allocation by manually inputting relevant figures in Preferences for flexible allocation of stocks to shops.

Shop Statistics

Users can view a total summary of stock transfer which shows the quantity of transfer in/out, stock on hand before/after transfer, number of items sold last week and PLUs hold before/after transfer.

PLU Statistics

A detailed summary of existing PLUs is provided by listing stock on hand, number of items sold last week and shop quantity before/after transfer of each PLU.

Allocation Report

Administrators can select and view the Allocation Report of respective shops and dates, listing the stock transferred from / to shops, SKUs, product details and quantities. Users can also add remarks when automatic stock allocation are performed.

User Management

Administrators can define roles and grant rights for different types of users so that they can perform different duties such as adding / deleting users, change passwords, stock allocations and viewing reports of specific shop(s) etc.

Multi-Language Support

CSCS can be customized for users with different language backgrounds.

Why ClusterTech?

Better Circulation of Stock and Warehouse Utilization

CSCS fosters better stock circulation of stock and shortens the warehousing time of stock. Shop capacity can be served as an indicator for better warehouse utilization. This helps reduce the amount of storage warehouse rent.

Higher Productivity

As CSCS performs the routine, time-consuming stock allocation tasks automatically, it greatly reduces staff’s workload, allowing more efficient use of human resources.

Increase of Sales

With CSCS, stock is moved to suitable shops with higher sales volumes and replenished automatically. , allowing orders to be delivered on time with sufficient stock kept. It ensures that your business is able to deliver reliably and punctually to your customers.

Demand Forecasting and Planning

Management can refer to allocation histories for tracking the movement of respective SKUs and PLUs to forecast the future demands of goods for procurement. Manufacturers and distributors can produce or order additional stock to keep up with the ever-increasing demand as reflected. Purchasers or buyers can make use of the up-to-date consumption preference figures to source the best-selling products.

Less Wastage

CSCS is especially suitable for retail chains that sell perishable goods. Over-stocking can be eliminated, thereby reducing unnecessary costs.

Data Consistency

Stock data accuracy is ensured, as all stock transfer records across the shops are updated simultaneously.

Better Formulation of Sales and Marketing Strategies

CSCS can provide useful figures for sales and marketing personnel to plan for short-term or long-term strategies such as clearance sales, warehouse sales, bundling programs, joint-store promotions or display item re-arrangements to achieve “zero-stock” management and the highest level of inventory optimization.

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