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Social Media, a gold mine for marketers, contains a lot of valuable information


But how can you truly learn from these massive repositories of data?

ClusterTech Social Listening Platform mines information across various Social Media sites, and extracts relevant information that is valuable for your business.

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Powered by a proprietary analytical engine, ClusterTech Social Listening Platform is highly customizable. It can empower marketers to:

  • Filter relevant users based on customized criteria; and
  • Extract useful information from billions of posts and comments
  • Learn
  • Discover unmet needs
  • Monitor the latest trends in real-time
  • Find what is being said about your brand and your competitors (VOC)
  • Improve
  • Predict customer behavior and adjust strategies
  • Improve user experience
  • Improve brand image
  • Interact
  • Integrate analysis results with your existing Social CRM for easy management
  • Engage your target audience with newly discovered information

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