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ClusterTech Traffic Organizer (CTO) is designed especially for traffic monitoring and management. With CTO’s sophisticated simulation, modeling and prediction technologies, users are able to get up-to-date information with the capability in predicting traffic flow. It provides useful figures to minimize congestion, optimizing resources, and identifying irregular activities.

Why CTO?

Provide more accurate prediction of traffic conditions and important statistical figures
Provide useful figures for path selection and route management
Provide statistics for traffic control, planning, and scheduling
Provide indicators for facility/infrastructure improvement, management and maintenance


  • Manual/automatic route/waypoints generation
  • Real time monitoring of traffic flow
  • Automatic vehicle classification by size, speed etc
  • Detailed statistical analysis of route and waypoints
  • Drill-down information of stations, stops and terminals
  • Estimate traffic loading under user-defined timeframe
  • Snapshots, playback of simulations
  • Sandbox tests for users to simulate hypothetical situation
  • Data Mining of traffic data
  • Abnormal traffic detection and alert

Suitable for

Traffic (air, maritime, land) planer/manager

Public transportation operators

Our Professional Services

  • Software and application customization
  • System design and planning
  • Data Mining
  • Consultation on high performance computing
  • Implementation and training
  • Project management

Successful case

Hong Kong Marine department

The ClusterTech Traffic Organizer system was designed to meet the waterway regulations of the Hong Kong Marine Department for the Ma Wan waters. The waterway in this area is narrow, and a large number of ships must use it to access areas such as Kwai Chung, Tsing Yi and Lamma Island, resulting in busy traffic. The Hong Kong Marine Department required a complete forecasting system to predict the time and location of ships passing through the waterway, and to exchange data with the Shenzhen Shekou waterway and provide relevant support to ships entering the port. Due to the large number of ships and the real-time requirements, massive computation is needed. We applied the Parallelized Predictor Engine, independently developed by Linkey, to automatically distribute work to clusters. Our CHESS cluster management product was used to facilitate the management of system personnel.

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