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Discover ConsoAdvisor

Smart Inventory Control System
Built to Increase Your Sales

Stay on top of your inventory. Don’t let it slow your growth.

ConsoAdvisor by ClusterTech helps retailers increase sales and reduce OOS (Out-Of-Stock) by optimizing inventory control.

  • We have 8 years of experience in delivering retail-focused solutions
  • Clients include Adidas, Nike, Columbia, GigaSports, Marathon Sports, Hong Fuk Tong, Catalog, Skechers, Hung Fook Tong, Bread n Butter, Mides etc.

  • Some of the world’s biggest brands are using ConsoAdvisor


    Free Brochure : Inventory control matters

  • Find out how better inventory control can help grow your business
  • View client cases to learn how ConsoAdvisor helped retailers achieve desirable results
  • Understand the logic behind replenishment decisions made by ConsoAdvisor
  • Sales momentum sped up by 15%
    OOS slashed by 42%
    Buyers’ time saved by 80%

    Logistic and operational compliance at 100% 

    Free Consultation : Chat with an Inventory Expert

  • Receive free diagnoses on your current inventory system
  • Get first-hand knowledge on how ConsoAdvisor has been helping clients improve their business
  • Get free advice on technical issues related to inventory management

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