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ClusterTech Insurance Claims Analysis System provides a powerful tool for insurance companies and insurers to evaluate policy risk and assess the impact of risk in cost control. It takes into account many essential factors about policyholders and insured objects in formulating insurance premiums. Using advanced data mining techniques, it can be used to analyze and determine insurance policy risk levels, manage reimbursements, and control costs.


Web-based Multidimensional Claim Analysis

Without the need for any special software, users can leverage the easy-to-use multi-lingual Graphical User Interface (GUI) to analyze insurance claim data via a web browser. Multiple dimensions for analysis can be selected based on data importance, and the system will display the policy quantity, overall premium, total number and amount of compensation, etc.

User Configuration Management

Users can set, check and revise a personal configuration, and upload the self-defined analysis results based on different dimensions. The system will automatically record different user configurations, and allow them to be recalled later.

Claim Score Card (Scoring System)

The system provides a score card, which clearly displays the claim percentage with other icons describing the relevance of claim rate predictions.

Report Generator

The user may use the report generator to view and produce the reports and graphs. Results can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Customized Program

ClusterTech provides customized programs and resilient services, addressing differing system requirements, operating environments and focuses of insurance companies.

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