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Big Data

On top of your data

ClusterTech’s BI solutions provide historical, current, and predictive analysis of business operations as well as identifies patterns, trends, and operation models hidden in the sea of historical data. We provide:

Data Cleansing and Warehousing

Data Cleansing & Warehousing

Data Cleansing and Warehousing


Statistical Analysis and Forecasting

Statistical Analysis & Forecasting

Data Mining and Optimization

Data Mining & Optimization

Why ClusterTech?

ClusterTech offers consulting on business analytics, data mining and predictive analysis in business intelligence for supporting better business decision-making, as well as on various computations (data analysis, data modeling, and scientific computing). Traditional data analysis use statistical method, which is helpful in understanding overview information. ClusterTech is able to explore the data and proactively identify underlying pattern and trend via business intelligence. ClusterTech has domain knowledge, which is critical in business intelligence kind of data analysis. ClusterTech also works in consulting various computing. We develop mathematical models for special purposes, including simulating physical phenomena, predicting financial market and optimizing operation

Top-notch Mathematical Modeling Capability
Top-notch Mathematical Modeling Capability

Data mining is fundamentally about applying the right algorithms to data. Our self-developed model libraries (Artificial Neural Network, IGARCH model, Logistic Regression, Poisson Exponentially Weighted Moving Average, and Support Vector Machine) can be customized to your unique business situation and integrated to your existing tools such as SAS, Cognos, SPSS,etc.

Extensive Experience
Extensive Experience

Our experience spans across many industries. We have in-house expertise in retail sales forecasting, inventory management, price optimization, customer segmentation, financial trading, TV ratings, weather forecasting, etc. We also connect with consultants in different domains to guarantee applying the right expertise to our clients’ business situations.

Digging deep in Client Concerns
Digging deep in Client Concerns

Our consultants specialize in synthesizing creative solutions based on your description of the problem. Our solutions maximize return of investment while minimizing risk and disruption to your operation.

Business Intelligence Products

Business Intelligence Solutions

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