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Adoption of the Internet of Things and cloud computing has become increasingly significant in many universities. It is indispensable to carry out related experiments and research projects. Based upon the CCMP 2.0 cloud computing management platform, ClusterTech introduces leading technologies to forge an open, highly efficient and leading cloud computing and Big Data platform for teaching and research.

Issues with Current Open-source Big Data Platforms

Higher hardware cost

Hadoop operations are based upon cluster storage and execution on multiple servers. Schools and SME (small and medium-sized enterprises are confronted with high cost pres- sures (at least 3-4 servers at approx. RMB 20,000-40,000 per server for one Hadoop cluster).

Higher level of expertise

Administrative staff must be familiar with Hadoop cluster installation and deployment. The distributed computing environment has more points of failure which are more difficult to troubleshoot.

Higher application costs

Human resource costs required for big data analysis through Map/Reduce development are high. Although most data can be done through the Hive library, its command-line oper- ation is unsuitable for teaching and scientific research.


Quick Hadoop deployment for instant provisioning

Hadoop lab is a turnkey solution. Building, deploy- ment and debugging of a private cloud can be accomplished in minutes, as opposed to days or even weeks using a manual approach.

Apply Hadoop through Web

Administrative staff must be familiar with Hadoop cluster installation and deployment. The distribut- ed computing environment has more points of failure which are more difficult to troubleshoot.

No need for physical machines

Our VM-based distributed big data platform can be used to build multiple distributed scenarios in an elegantly simple way. What’s more, it provides the support for fast backup and disaster recovery.

Private cloud document distribution platform features excellent user experience and safe data storage

Using our Dropbox-like network disk is simple. Besidens, the private cloud document distribution platform permits centralized data resource man- agement and improved distribution efficiency.

Function display

  • With the ClusterTech big data platform, a complete and independent virtually-distributed / real big data (Hadoop) lab environment can be deployed in only 10 minutes with 2-3 mouse clicks. Following deployment, users can directly utilize the Apache HUE interface to perform Hadoop based execution via a Web interface:
  • Query and analyze big data in a familiar way (Hive SQL), and gain better insight into its meaning.
    Plans can be analyzed and queried through the same web interface, and users can learn how the query statements are converted into various computing task under a big data environment.

  • Upload and import big data, and build the data bases with web visual environment.

  • Monitor, manage and design Map/Reduce jobs. Study the internal logic to understand Hadoop distributed computing.
  • Operate some or all nodes of the cluster and accomplish tasks remotely. Simulate various scenarios of the distributed operating environments for teaching; observe and experience the distributed features of the system.

  • ClusterTech provides full technical support for the environment including localization, customization, and troubleshooting.

ClusterTech Document Distribution Platform (CDDP) puts emphasis on the user experience. It allows users to distribute, synchronize and share documents through a browser or client. CDDP provides support for multiple desktop and mobile devices (Windows/Linux/MacOS/Android/iOS), and can easily synchronize data on personal devices with document data stored on a server. CDDP can be quickly deployed on the ClusterTech cloud computing platform, and teachers can apply this function on ClusterTech big data private cloud platform.


  • Access, synchronize and share data any time and anywhere. Provide support for multiple kinds of devices. It is up to the administrator to assign file and file folder access permissions.

  • Integrate current IT devices and security systems, compliant with the management policies of universities and provides support for LDAP and Active Directory.

  • Provide support for both common document manipulation and document sharing. In addition, it provides support for online browsing document in common formats as well as version control upon multiplayer cooperation. What’s more, it has Lucene-based full text searching function.

  • The extensive system that easily enables API extension and customization can meet the services requirements of clients.

Product profile

CCMP 2.0 (ClusterTech Cloud Management Platform) is a cloud computing platform independently developed by ClusterTech. The core of CCMP is written in Go language. CCMP is based upon the mainstream virtualization technologies (KVM/VMware), and the operating system and network hardware can be booted remotely, building an elegantly simple, highly efficient and complete cloud computing platform.

Design philosophy

Simplify the concept of cloud computing platform. With the application of such technical concepts as underlying system package storage, virtualization, web startup, and virtualized network, provide the end users with a familiar and convenient operating environment that can be deployed quickly and is easy for operation. Linux and Windows VM or physical machine will be reserved and used.

Technical innovation

CCMP core system is written by Go language (native code) and is more efficient and hence faster than traditional cloud platforms. In respect of system construction, CCMP enhances server communication confidentiality inside a cloud system through X.509 certificate verification. While managing KVM, CCMP also provides the powerful support for physical machine and VMware platform management.

User experience

CCMP provides administrator and cloud users with HTML5-based web pages that are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. It has more modern aesthetic elements and is easy for application. CCMP provides the webpage based quick VNC/SSH and cloud host access anytime anywhere.

Operating maintenance

CCMP deployment can be accomplished in a blink and a medium and small-sized system of 10-20 nodes can be deployed in just half an hour. CCMP offers also control proposals for increasing / decreasing server hardware dynamically, monitoring, billing and account management.

System Architecture


Easy scalability

CCMP adopts the module-based architecture to provide an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform with flexible extensibility:

Horizontal extension

all CCMP system modules can be horizontally expanded to scale with ever-growing user volume and business volume.

Vertical expansion

CCMP provides support for multiple virtualization technologies and provides multiple kinds of resources and services. It can be extended quickly by the modular plug-in, provides support for new virtualization technologies, third-party software & hardware and devices, or provides support for new-type services.

  • Provides support for multiple kinds of virtualization technologies, including KVM/VMware.

  • Provides multiple kinds of computing resources: virtual machine, physical machine and clusters.

  • Provides support for shared storage of file and block devices; provides support for the mainstream storage technologies and devices: local disk, iSCSI, fiber optic network and Samba.


Anytime anywhere

CCMP boasts a friendly and intuitive administrator / user interface, based upon HTML5. It provides support for desktop and handheld mobile terminals. Users can easily manage the cloud computing environment anytime anywhere.

Intuitive and convenient

Users can access directly VM user interface through
VNC that is integrated with the administrator/user interface, or access the command interface through web SSH.

Extensive and flexible

  • Provides dynamic support for reservation, extending
    or returning the computing resources ahead of schedule.

  • Provides support for business approval mechanisms via
    a plug-in work order approval module.

  • Provides support for computing resource rental
    accounting management via a plug-in accounting module.

  • Fine-grained log management provides data support
    for auditing user behaviors.

  • Extensive monitoring information and alarm mechanisms.

  • Provides support for report management and display/query / export of monitoring and log reports.

High availability
Multi-level HA

Provides support for high availability of physical machines and virtual machines, and provides support for smooth migration in case of unexpected situations to guarantee the normal and stable business operations.

Elastic allocation of computing resources
Load balancing

Provides support for multiple VMs to release the same job. This can effectively balance difficult loads. When one or multiple VMs crash, the business will not be affected.


Easily back up and recover all data in a VM, including the operating system, applications and client data.


Provides support for user virtual local area network (VLAN) and network address translation (NAT)
Provides support for ID authentication, quota management, public key management, billing, Email notice and other flexible user management and resource allocation policies.

Simplified user configuration:
1 cloud management node 64-bit processor, DVD drive, dual NIC, 2GB memory or above, 10GB hard disk or above
2 resource nodes provides support for virtualized 64-bit processor, single NIC, 4GB memory or above, at least one node of two shall have a 80GB hard disk, and the container might be a diskless station.
1 switch two-layer switch, or a three-layer switch supporting Trunk.

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