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GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform is an application server built to scale that provides you a way to see your entire set of computers as one single, simple runtime environment in which both your processes and your data can reside, enabling predictable improvement of application performance while you increase the volume of data, transactions, and number of users, with no real need to rearchitect.

Why GigaSpaces&#63

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Seamless Scalability

GigaSpaces XAP also provides SLA-driven application monitoring and provisioning. If your application is responding too slowly, XAP will automatically distribute your applications to new cluster nodes. This means that you can not only predict performance at all times, but you get the benefits of a platform that’s both resilient and self-healing. If a server fails, you won’t even lose an in-progress transaction.

Digging deep in Client Concerns
Standard Framework Support

XAP allows you to leverage the standard frameworks and support applications you use today, like Spring, Hibernate, Mule, and others. You can leverage your existing skillsets to build scalable applications.

Digging deep in Client Concerns

With eXtreme Application Platform (XAP), your data and your processes can exist on the same physical server, in the same runtime environment, so network latency – such as the time it takes to talk to a database – doesn’t become a factor. XAP can even automatically mirror your data into a database for permanent storage in the background.

Digging deep in Client Concerns

GigaSpaces XAP lets you deploy applications that use Java, .Net, C++, or even scripting languages. Heterogeneous development environments can leverage your computing resources without expensive changes to existing code.

Digging deep in Client Concerns
Web Application Support

Nearly every application today has a web interface. XAP 6.6 embeds the Jetty servlet container, which means you enjoy XAP’s performance, scalability, and resiliency even for your existing web applications.

When should you use GigaSpaces&#63

• You want your application to achieve linear scalability without significant rearchitecture

• You face bottlenecks with your database, messaging or transaction management

• You need to handle distributed data, while keeping latency down to sub-millisecond performance

• You have a data-intensive application that requires near-real-time data processing

• You want to use your open source stack, adding the reliability, scalability and performance of a high-end application server

• You want to be able to scale on demand, avoiding expensive over-provisioning

• You need to guarantee that you’ll meet your service level agreements under any load

• You distribute your application across multiple geographical sites over a WAN and need to ensure consistency

• You have a heterogeneous environment, with your application requiring .Net, C++ and/or Java applications to interoperate out of the box

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