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The CTY-Air Quality System utilises an international data model (US WRF model and CMAQ model), uniform pollution emission inventory, and uniform weather model to generate weather drivers, to form a rational forecast & simulation solution.

It incorporates sophisticated models and computing technologies in a multi-functional, flexible, and easy-to-manage system solution, providing more accurate air quality forecast and simulation results. It is used by environmental departments to facilitate advanced air quality forecasting, analysis and emission reduction planning.

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  • System framework
  • Different module applications
  • Performance index
  • and more

  • Major Functions

    • Accurate Prediction: Air pollutant concentration and precise AQI forecasting.
    • Forecast Result Analysis: Improve forecast reliability based on local and surrounding pollutant concentration forecast result analysis
    • GIS Interface Display: Dynamic pollution distribution and trend displays facilitate interpretation of results.
    • Automatic Report Generation: The system will automatically display the latest forecast results, update AQI and other information.
    • Pollution Prevention and Control Suggestions: By automatically analyzing the environment and sources of pollution, interactions at different scales can be understood and air quality improvements strategies devised.

    Core modules of the Air Quality Prediction and Analysis System
    Fig. 1: Core modules of the system

    Air Quality Prediction and Analysis System interface

    Fig. 2: System interface

    Key Application

    1Precise Air Quality Forecast

    2Pollution Prevention and Control Decisions and Suggestions

    Other Application Features

  • Fully automatic forecasting of regional air pollution indexes (AQI);
  • Air mass positive and negative trajectory mapping of a given site;
  • Pollutant concentration counter map forecast and mapping;
  • Scientific energy conservation and emission reduction planning, analysis and real-time monitoring. E.g.: simulate the odd and even-numbered license plate banning and practice the regional traffic emission source reduction and other environmental protection measures.
  • System Advantages

    Geared to the international technological standards, sophisticated and accurate platform  

  • Precise and refined forecasting: weather materials /data and air quality forecasting for the forthcoming 1-3 days;
  • All-round forecasting: cover the nationally compulsory air pollutant concentration indexes (SO2, NO2, CO, O3, PM10, PM2.5);
  • Data upgrade: provide software and emission data upgrade services to clients, so as to make the system stay at an internationally leading level.

    Unattended, fully automatic forecasting 

  • Downloads GFS data automatically from US each day at 0:00;
  • Automatically enables the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model and Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model;
  • Automatically calculate the forecast AQI of each region, map and generate daily forecast webpage.
  • High scalability, flexibly customized as required 

  • Running performance can be easily enhanced by assigning more computing nodes;
  • Fine emission grid resolution down to 3km.
  • Help the professionals improve efficiency through the intelligent handling model  
    Integrated with forecasting, analysis, and decision-making & support  
    Multiple user and data management function  

  • The interface supports different languages and time zone displays can be customized by users;
  • Saves user configurations;
  • Flexible and configurable access strategies.
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