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ClusterTech’s Professional services allow you to utilize the latest technologies and improve your business. We provide our clients from various industries with high performance computing (HPC) cluster and cloud computing optimization, data mining and business intelligence. With our experience across diverse business verticals and comprehensive understanding of the international business environment, clients can achieve the greatest ROI.

Professional Consultancy Services

Cluster, Cloud and High Performance Computing Consultancy Services

We provide reliable and flexible solutions with the latest technologies in the following domains:

  • Application migration and parallelization

  • Cluster design

  • Software and hardware integration

  • Benchmarking

  • Parallel file system and compiler

  • GPU code porting and optimization

  • Math libraries and customized development

  • Cluster and cloud computing system design, installation, testing and technical support

Data Mining and Modeling

ClusterTech understands the nature of diverse industries; therefore, we are able to deliver quality data mining and modeling consultancy services, such as statistical models, automatic relevance determination, artificial intelligence, decision tree and other modeling technologies, helping users to understand the patterns from business data and predict customers’ behavior. The result can help identify business opportunities and enhance the quality of services. We offer wide spectrum of solutions in financial engineering, business intelligence and scientific research. ClusterTech has developed a highly optimized software library CNNL (ClusterTech Neural Network Library), which has been used in some projects like time series prediction and churn prediction.

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Hardware Deployment and Contract Services

ClusterTech works with computer manufacturers to provide effective HPC cluster solution to our clients. We assist our clients in designing and implementing various kinds of parallel computing:

  • Comprehensive optimization and integration solution

  • Cost-benefit assessment of HPC cluster migration

  • Technical training and outsourcing services

Software Consultancy Services

ClusterTech enables businesses to enjoy better ROI through offering tailor-made and cost-effective solutions, such as handling large-scale database, optimizing and paralleling codes, and other HPC management, auditing and monitoring services.

Technical Training

ClusterTech can help ensure that clients have the knowledge and skills to manage HPC Cluster cloud computing technologies by delivering technical training. We have expert training teams with profound technical and industry knowledge. The training courses include:

  • Linux cluster implementation and management

  • MPI parallel programming

  • Windows cluster implementation and management

  • Profiling and optimizing MPI parallel applications

  • GigaSpaces and Cloud Computing

  • GPU

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