How can PRISMA Chatbot serve your customers?

Learn how our AI-powered PRISMA Chatbot deals with customer enquiries in a real-life scenario.

Why should you choose PRISMA Chatbot?

Improve on traditional customer services

Let PRISMA Chatbot deal with the routine, frequently-asked enquiries so your staff can focus on generating more business value for the company.



What PRISMA Chatbot can do for your business?

  • Available 24/7
  • Lighten call centre workload
  • Reduce staff training cost
  • Standardise service quality
  • Enhance customer service experience
  • Uncover insights from customer opinions



Instant reply

No more waiting. PRISMA Chatbot serves customers anytime and anywhere.


Scalable services

Serve concurrent users.


Customised service

Hong Kong local based support team develops customised services based on client requirements.


Deliver rich media messages

Besides answering enquiries through text message, it supports videos, images, maps and other personalised messages.


Trilingual supported NLP 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) designed for the multi-cultural Hong Kong market. It is capable of processing trilingual texts (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English) simultaneously.


Unlock language barriers

Support both Chinese and English texts and voice conversations.


Categorise customer satisfaction level 

Measure customer satisfaction level to company's products and services in real-time.


Professional add-on services

Text mining and analysis can be provided to clients to discover hidden insights from customer feedbacks.

Available across many different channels

Facebook Messenger, WeChat, email, website, etc.


PRISMA Chatbot Management Platform

All-in-one management platform for understanding chatbot performance and exploring insights through data visualisation and analysis.

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PRISMA Chatbot Product Brochure

PRISMA Chatbot Product Brochure
PRISMA Chatbot Product Brochure

Using award-winning technology and a local professional team, PRISMA Chatbot can create personalised one-on-one conversation channels to perform different tasks. Available in three versions: online, offline, online and offline.

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