PRISMA gained industry recognition

PRISMA, our leading-edge Text-Mining technology was recognised through a Silver Award at the 2016 Hong Kong ICT Awards (Best Smart Hong Kong Award - Big Data Application), and the 2016 Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit from the Hong Kong Awards for Industries.

ClusterTech was invited to present in various events

ClusterTech shared their experience in Analytics in Business at the APAC Innovation Summit, Asia Retail Innovation Summit, Internet of Things (IoT) Conference, ITSC Solutions Day 2016 by OGCIO and IBM’s Insight Week 2016.

Successful partnership with VDMS from Verizon

ClusterTech established a partnership with Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) to offer premium cloud digital media solutions, offering a content delivery network (CDN) with outstanding performance, and providing the best local support for companies in Asia.

Cloud reached another peak

After 6 years of service, ClusterTech was voted as the Best Cloud Computing Partner 2016 by GS1, confirming its achievements in bringing business value to enterprises in Greater China.


ClusterTech Image Processor debuted at CeBIT 2015

ClusterTech Image Processor (CIP) is a hardware accelerator for ImageMagick. It utilises a high-performance Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to deliver an order of magnitude improvement in performance over a processor with one-fifth the power consumption.

ClusterTech delivered keynote speech at Hong Kong Internet of Things (IoT) Conference 2015

ClusterTech was invited to join the panel discussion as well as deliver a keynote speech – “Deep Diving in Retail Big Data to Excel Business Performance” – which introduced how big data analysis could help a retail organisation derive business values and react quickly to the changes in trends & consumer behaviors.

ClusterTech exhibited at the 3rd China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair 2015 (CSITF)

Cluster Tech was again selected as one of the top Hong Kong technology companies by Hong Kong Software Industry Association (HKSiA) to exhibit at a prestigious technology fair in Mainland China.

Building a complete public cloud platform

ClusterTech continued to build on Fengqi Asia by adding new services such as CDN, object storage and load balancer to the public cloud platform.


ClusterTech exhibited at “China’s No.1 Hi-Tech Fair”

ClusterTech was invited by the Hong Kong Software Industry Association (HKSiA) to showcase its technological achievements at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2014 (CHTF).

ClusterTech launched mobile app Airhuxi

Airhuxi is the first mobile app in China providing PM2.5 air quality index (AQI) forecast for up to three days. It has the ability to give different groups of users customized tips on health and physical activities.

ClusterTech launched BI product – ConsoAdvisor

ConsoAdvisor makes inventory consolidation easy and more accurate. Through scientific analysis of sales records, ConsoAdvisor is able to provide customized recommendations on stock transfer between multiple retail stores as well as between warehouses and stores. The web interface is designed with the user in mind, allowing them to easily monitor stock status, adjust parameters and generate reports.

High performance computing & cloud computing product upgrades

ClusterTech parallel environment CPE v3.5.1, and CHESS Reporting v4.1.0 have been released. ClusterTech’s in-house private cloud system, namely ClusterTech Cloud Management Platform (CCMP), which integrated high performance computing and cloud computing, was also upgraded to a very high standard.

2nd Fengqi Asia App Development Competition held at Wuhan University

The competition provided a platform for university students across Hong Kong and Mainland China to gain hands-on experience on developing applications using the Fengqi Asia public cloud platform.


ClusterTech launched FPGA high-performance solutions, high-performance Computing Parallel File System (CPFS) and Air Quality Prediction and Analysis System

Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) extend ClusterTech’s capabilities in the field of high-performance computing, increasing speed while reducing energy consumption. CPFS solves I/O bottlenecks, while CAQPAS applies high-performance computing to the environmental monitoring and protection industry.

Fengqi Asia Shanghai Data Center launch

As the business needs of Fengqi Asia public cloud expands, Clustertech’s data centers in Great China region have increased to 3 in Hong Kong, 1 in Beijing and 1 in Shanghai.

High-performance computing, cloud computing, financial engineering product upgrades

ClusterTech parallel environment CPE v3.3, private cloud management platform CCMP v2.1, ClusterTech high-performance computing and management platform CHESS v4.0, and Hadoop big data solution targeted for university private cloud have been released.

ClusterTech wins Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit

ClusterTech wins this award again for the “Fengqi Asia Public Cloud”.


ClusterTech develops new generation of HPC application technology

Officially launched cluster management software CHESS v3.0, cloud computing platform CCMP, seismic data process GPU computing in oil and gas industry.

Open-up of representative offices in Wuhan

To assist business deployment in Central China.

ClusterTech was announced government IT services provider

ClusterTech has become one of the government public cloud services (GPCS) providers and the Active Suppliers.

ClusterTech became an authorised reseller of IBM Platform Computing

Provides products and technical support in high-performance computing, cloud computing, and big data applications.

ClusterTech received the following awards

“Excellence Award on Operation and Management of 2012 China Cloud Computing Data Center” and “the IT Leading Enterprise Award of Hong Kong, Macau and Shengzhen”. Our product CCMP (ClusterTech Computing Management Platform) received the “Innovative Product Award of 2012 China Cloud Computing Data Center” award.

Cluster Technology Ltd. (Beijing Branch) received High-tech Enterprises Certificate

Beijing branch of Cluster Technology Co. Ltd received the Chinese High-tech Enterprise Certification jointly issued by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Ministry of Finance, Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation, and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau.


ClusterTech Parallelized Predictor (CPP),ClusterTech Stock Consolidation (CSC),ClusterTech Telemarketing Optimizer (CTM) made their

ClusterTech starts business intelligence (BI) activities with advanced computing technology.

ClusterTech launched offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou

ClusterTech localized its services in Chinese Mainland to facilitate the technical support for Chinese enterprises.


Introduced world-class computing technology actively

This includes ScaleMP, Panasas, and Joyent.


Cluster management software CHESS v2.0 was awarded two prizes

“Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit” and “Excellent Software Product in China for 2009”. CHESS was praised for its advanced technology application and high performance.


ClusterTech develops leading cloud computing technology

Became the sole distributor and technology partner of GigaSpaces in China.