Announcing the Release of ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE) Version 3.5.1

ClusterTech is pleased to announce the release of the ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE) version 3.5.1. This version features several improvements over previous versions.

Broader Support
IBM PowerLinux servers with RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 have been officially supported since version 3.4.0. These additional platforms provide greater deployment options in enterprise environments.

Improved Tools
A new Python based code generator is available for Windows, Linux and IBM PowerLinux. It is fully compatible with previous versions. The generated code enables user defined classes and exceptions to be used in CPE ParaConnect.

A utility to simultaneously deploy files to multiple hosts is also available.
Together, these tools help to improve client productivity.

Miscellaneous Improvements 
CPE version 3.5.1 includes other minor bug fixes, better error detection and improved error reporting.