ClusterTech and Aliyun jointly build Hybrid Cloud Platform

The Aliyun Education Partner Licensing and Product Launch Event was held in Beijing on January 17, 2019. At the conference, ClusterTech and Aliyun jointly announced the Research Hybrid Cloud Platform for intelligent scientific research and education.

Mr. Cao Fan, general manager of Liansi Zhiyun, a subsidiary of ClusterTech, shared the history and continuous innovation of ClusterTech in the field of high performance computing, and indicated the issues for high performance computing in research and education. He also said that the cooperation with Aliyun will unify the computing services of users' private and public environments, enabling them to use Aliyun's powerful high-performance computing services quickly and flexibly. This will transform high performance computing from a proprietary to inclusive service.

Since embarking on strategic cooperation with Aliyun in 2018, ClusterTech has been committed to the development of the Research Hybrid Cloud Platform. Aliyun continues to promote the cloud HPC in a global setting. Mr. Xie Hang, general manager of the Aliyun Science and Education Industry, said he was very pleased that Aliyun and ClusterTech are cooperating in the field of cloud HPC, and that the co-launched Research Hybrid Cloud Platform will bring leading, hybrid cloud data management capabilities to the field of scientific research and education. In the future, ClusterTech and Aliyun will continue their cooperation to create novel cloud computing solutions.

After that, Ms. Fu Hongyan, co-partner and senior product manager of ClusterTech, gave a detailed introduction to CHESS Hybrid Cloud Platform. While ensuring the data security of HPC cluster, the platform makes use of the characteristics of Aliyun flexible deployment, which can be used on demand and be flexibly expanded, solve the problem of limited HPC cluster expansion, help the field of scientific research and education to achieve high efficiency and low cost of unified complex data cluster management, use a platform and a set of standards to achieve efficient deployment of applications in a multi-cloud environment.

Aliyun is the largest cloud computing provider in China. In September 2018, Aliyun launched its first HPC platform on the public cloud, the platform can be deployed with a single click to obtain a cloud HPC center comparable to a large HPC cluster environment, has great advantages in cost, convenience and expansibility. ClusterTech will make use of the leading computing power on Aliyun to provide value-added services such as optimization and analysis for users, jointly promote the exploration and application of Research Hybrid Cloud Platform in the field of scientific research and education, comprehensively promote the coverage and popularization of scientific research cloud computing.


About CHESS Hybrid Cloud Platform:
CHESS Hybrid Cloud Platform is an HPC hybrid cloud management platform jointly created by ClusterTech and Aliyun, can integrate local loosely stacked servers and public cloud resources into a complete set of HPC cluster system, build an integrated system and application environment, realize the unified deployment, management, monitoring and scheduling of cluster resources, and greatly improve the computing capacity, accelerate application processing.

About Aliyun:
Founded in 2009, Aliyun is the world's leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company, is committed to providing secure and reliable computing and data processing capabilities in the form of online public services, to making computing and artificial intelligence universal technologies.