ClusterTech speaks on how HPC can benefit China’s defence industry at CITF 2018

ClusterTech was invited to speak at CITF 2018 (军工信息化峰会), 28th - 29th August 2018 in Guizhou, China on the role of High Performance Computing (HPC) in China’s defence industry.

Mr Wang Zhiqiang, a technical manager, shared ClusterTech’s experience in applying HPC solutions to sophisticated computational problems for the aviation and defence industries. He also introduced the ClusterTech HPC Environment Software Stack (CHESS) and ClusterTech Cloud Management Platform (CCMP), which attracted great interest.



Clustertech booth

Both CHESS and CCMP are award-winning solutions developed in-house by ClusterTech. CHESS creates an integrated system and application environment from a collection of servers, dramatically increasing computing capacity, accelerating application processing and simplifying cluster management. CCMP is a high-performance computing cloud management platform, unifying computing servers, network switches and storage resources, and achieving unified management, self-service, flexibility and security.

ClusterTech is Asia’s first HPC solution provider. Our team of experts have rich experience in large-scale computing infrastructure and applications, having provided HPC solutions to hundreds of international and national agencies and enterprises, including a large number of Fortune 500 companies.


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About CITF 2018 (军工信息化峰会)

CITF is a major defence industry event in China, supported by the State Administration for Technology, Science and Industry for National Defence. The event attracts over three hundred enterprises, institutions, research institutes and universities, to discuss core technologies and innovation in defence.