ClusterTech unveils latest smart learning innovation at launch ceremony of AR Classroom and the 1st Academic Forum on Smart Education

A launch ceremony for AR Classroom was held on 16-19 October 2018 at the 1st Academic Forum on Smart Education in Dunhuang, China. Hosted by ClusterTech and New Century Mathematics, the event attracted more than 800 people from around the country, including primary school educators, scholars, teachers and principals.

AR Classroom, jointed developed by ClusterTech and New Century Mathematics, applies Augmented Reality (AR) to turn textbook content into 3D models, greatly increasing engagement in the classroom.

At the event, Mr Tang Caibin, Principal of Hangzhou Shidai Primary School, presented a lesson to participating students. AR Classroom was used to demonstrate how AR technology can make learning more fun and fulfilling.

《Spin the Graph》— AR Classroom Brings “Magic” to the school

Mr Tang concluded the lesson by saying that AR Classroom can render objects that are hard to conceptualise, and turn them into 3D models, making it easier for students to grasp the concept of space. He encouraged fellow teachers to leverage AR technology to better motivate students and improve their learning experience.

Professor Shi Ningzhong of Northeast Normal University, also involved in revising the mathematics curriculum under the National Compulsory Education initiative, said that this application of AR technology makes classes more interactive. He believed that it would also help primary school students develop their spatial awareness, affirming the utility of AR technology in mathematics courses.

Professor Shi and Mr Tang’s presentations inspired a discussion among teachers on how AR technology can be applied to mathematics classes. Many of them signed up for a trial of AR Classroom. Six teachers from different primary schools shared their experience using AR Classroom. Several said that the software can increase students' interest and improve teachers' efficiency in lesson preparation. The technical AR Classroom team, having obtained feedback from the participants, will address other teaching difficulties in the next phase of software development.

Twenty primary schools were announced as the first experimental schools to use AR Classroom. They will participate in the development, application and communication of the AR Classroom program.

As a leader in providing advanced IT solutions, ClusterTech cooperates with the Editing Committee for New Century Mathematics to facilitate the deployment of information technology in the education sector. ClusterTech leverages AR and AI technology for enabling experiential learning for students, and diversified tools for primary school teachers.


About AR Classroom:
AR Classroom is a "Textbook+AR" software jointly developed by ClusterTech and the Editing Committee for New Century Mathematics. The software has been tested by more than 200 senior and 160 front-line teachers. It supplements textbooks, making primary school teaching simpler, more interesting and more efficient. AR Classroom will be extended to more subjects in the future.

About the Editing Committee for New Century Mathematics:
New Century Mathematics (Beijing Normal University edition) is a leading publisher in China, with 28 years of experience in producing mathematics textbooks.