Year of the Sheep in Review

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Advancing Computing Technologies

Founded on the concept of “modernize your business with advanced computing technologies”, we are always in pursuit of technological advancement. We have worked hard this year to improve on our existing software offerings, and roll out new products, including a FPGA-powered image processing hardware.

Cloud Computing

By launching a new portal and adding services such as CDN and load balancer, we continue to enhance our public cloud platform Fengqi Asia.ClusterTech Cloud-Computing Management Platform (CCMP), which helps actualize the efficient utilization of infrastructure resources, was also upgraded.

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An upgraded version of ClusterTech HPC Environment Software Stack (CHESS v4.0) was released and successfully deployed with great results in China. CHESS is high-performance cluster software which creates an integrated system and application environment from a collection of servers.

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Big Data

On the back of 15 years of experience in data analysis and eight in providing retail solutions, we launched a series of Big Data analytics solutions to tackle market problems in the retail sector. Not only were the solutions adopted by some of the leading shopping malls and top retailers in China and Hong Kong, they were the focus of discussion at over 10 industrial “smart retailing” events. 

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ClusterTech Image Processor (CIP), a FPGA-powered hardware add-in card that enables servers to speed up massive image processing, was a hit at CeBIT 2015. This resulted in a strategic partnership with Xilinx, the world’s leader in FPGAs, proving its market potential.

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Empowering Businesses

Providing computing solutions to clients from various sectors

ClusterTech provides a comprehensive range of services and products to solve problems in massive data processing, large-scale computing, in-depth analysis, artificial intelligence, uninterrupted service. Last year, we served over 150 clients, including government departments, universities and enterprises from China, Hong Kong and Macau:

Cloud Computing

  • Fengqi Asia – a total of seven government departments in Hong Kong retained their trust in our public cloud service

  • ClusterTech Cloud-Computing Management Platform (CCMP) – 18 national institutions and renowned universities in China, e.g. China Earthquake Administration, Nanjing University, have adopted CCMP to manage their computing resources on private cloud


  • ClusterTech HPC Environment Software Stack (CHESS) – CHESS was popular among universities in China, with Sichuan University, Hunan University, and 28 others using the software to better manage their cluster resources. CHESS was also applied to nationwide studies regarding geography, medicine, and aerospace etc. by 11 national institutes that include Institute of Engineering Thermophysics and Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Weather Forecasting – 11 clients including China Meteorological Administration, and Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department have used CTY-Air Quality System (CTY-AQS) or ClusterTech’s data models to power their meteorological or air quality forecasting applications

  • Platform Computing Services – we provided platform computing services to a total of 50 clients from multiple sectors, which include State Oceanic Administration PRC, Goldwind, Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology, Datang Microelectronics Technology, and CEC Huada Electronic Design

Big Data

  • Intelligence Analysis – our data analytics solutions were used by Guizhou Postal Savings Bank, Urumqi City Commercial Bank, CSL Mobile, New World’s K11 Art Mall, Swire Group, the Venetian Macao and 14 other companies from China, Hong Kong and Macao. Our solutions include text analysis, social media monitoring, CRM data analysis, inventory control etc.

  • WeChat Management<;– the Hong Kong and China Gas Company (Towngas) was among the three companies who took advantage of our WeChat solutions to manage their WeChat accounts

Other Professional Services

  • We provided professional system configuration, I.T. support and consultancy services to 13 clients such as Bank of China International, City University of Hong Kong, and KDDI.

Invited to attend major industrial events

To meet with fellow pioneers and explore more opportunities around the world, we have participated in many domestic and overseas exhibitions. Some of the major events we attended:

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CIP was launched at CeBIT 2015 in Germany


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Mr Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Minister of Ministry of 
Environmental Protection of the PRC,
visited us at CIEPEC 2015

Information Technology / High Performance Computing:

Banking / Retail:


Environmental Protection:

Top 10 at the “Global Creative APP Development Competition 2015”

AirHuXi, our mobile app that gives accurate air quality index (AQI) forecast in China, won a top 10 spot at the Beijing edition of the Global Creative App Development Competition (GCAC 2015). The award is recognition of our contributions to raising awareness of haze in China.

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