EPD* Officially Replaces PATH with PATH-2016# (Jan, 2016)

Since the release of the new air quality impact assessment model PATH-2016 (also known as “new PATH”) in Nov 2015, EPD requires that subsequent air quality impact assessments be evaluated via this new tool. A grace period until July 3rd, 2016 may be applicable for ongoing reports.

Air Quality Impact Assessment Model – One of the Most Computationally Intensive Components among EIA##Reports

The air quality impact assessment model, PATH-2016 is one of the most complex and time-consuming EIA applications. Air quality data preparation and long-term maintenance of the computing environments are extremely challenging.


Regardless of whether you are new to air quality impact assessment procedures or new to PATH-2016# system, you will face the challenges below. These make applying PATH-2016 in EIA## reports costly, risky and inefficient.

Adaptation – Quickly Learning New Models

Without advice from experts on PATH-2016 and PATH cluster, navigating the steep learning curve is difficult.

Equipment and Maintenance – Implementing and Administrating a High-end Cluster

Setting up, tuning, maintaining and administrating a PATH-efficient cluster needs trained IT experts.

Project Execution – Long Assessment Process

Prolonged input preparation and approval cycles result if staff have insufficient expertise in atmospheric science modelling and EPD* requirements.


10+ Years of Experience in PATH / PATH-2016 Models and Clusters

Significant Contributor to the PATH Algorithm
  • Our staff were responsible for designing and constructing PATH; provided professional advice to EPD
  • Possess over 10 years of practical experience in using and improving PATH model
Hands-on Experience in PATH-2016 Execution
  • Undergone many successful tests in running PATH-2016
Rich Experience in PATH Cluster Design and Management
  • Familiar with PATH Computing Cluster environment design, set-up, configuration, test running, tuning for maximizing PATH Cluster performance and utilization

Teams Specialised in Air Quality Modelling and HPC

Environmental Science Team : Expertise in Air Quality Modelling and Solutions
  • Team is led by Ph.D.s in Physics
  • Conducted intensive researches in Air Quality Modelling over many years
  • Combined knowledge in atmospheric science modelling and cluster computing provides turnkey solutions for commercial clients to complete EIA## reports
HPC Team : Specialised in Setting up Clusters and Other Environmental Science Simulation Applications
  • One of a few premier HPC service providers in Hong Kong
  • Team consists of Ph.D.s and postdocs in Mathematics or Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics in Germany
  • Design and provide technical support for some of the largest clusters in Hong Kong

    Valuable Professional Advice for Liaison with EPD on Input Data

    • Have rich experience of liaising with EPD; familiar with the requirements of input data, so that we can accelerate the model input liaison process with EPD
    • Facilitate fast verification of input data to speed up the assessment process and reduce communication cost

    Solutions and Services

    Available on a Pay-Per-Use Basis

    • Save the costs of learning, testing and maintaining PATH-2016#
    • Mature solutions with high quality are readily available

    Reliable Turnaround Time

    • Guarantee PATH-2016 output ready within 2.5 days

    Comprehensive Technical Support

    • Have rich experience in commercial engagement and provide high quality services
    • Provide 7×24 technical support
    • On-site services on demand

    Flexible Targeted Solutions

    • Flexible PATH-2016 Solutions (build cluster/ buy service) available to match your specific business requirements

    EIA PATH-2016 Workshop (Jun 3, 2016)

    >>> Download the speakers’ presentation summaries

    Workshop Objective :

    This workshop organised by ClusterTech Limited aims to help participants quickly understand the process involved, tricks and skills to run PATH-2016 smoothly and effectively on a suitable computing environment. Upon completion, delegates will understand how Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports, as required by the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO), can be generated at low risk and cost.

    Reputation in HPC

    Reliable High Performance Computing (HPC) Service Provider

    In the past 15 years, ClusterTech Limited, one of the premier HPC service providers in Hong Kong, has been promoting high performance computing technologies in commercial and industrial applications and insisting to modernize industry application with advanced computing technologies. We developed the ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE) for HSBC and DBS to support Financial Engineering applications on clusters.

    Rich Project Experience with Government Departments in HK Especially

    With expertise in the field of atmospheric sciences and long-term in-depth study of air quality modelling, we have been providing specialized technical solutions, working on many projects with government departments like Hong Kong Marine Department, Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong Observatory and Chinese Meteorological Administration, and supporting plenty of research institutes to enhance their environment related computational capability.

    Achievement in HPC

    In 2009, our ClusterTech HPC Environment Software Stack (CHESS) won the “Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit” and “Excellent Software Product in China”. In 2012, our private cloud platform CCMP (ClusterTech Cloud Management Platform) received the “Innovative Product Award of 2012 China Cloud Computing Data Center” award, and our public could platform Fengqi.Asia won the “Excellence Award on Operation and Management of China Cloud Computing Data Center”.


    # PATH-2016: Pollutants in the Atmosphere and their Transport over Hong Kong in 2016
    ##EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment
    *EPD: Environmental Protection Department
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