What is Air Dispersion Analyst (ADA)?

Air Dispersion Analyst is a professional service designed specifically for air dispersion modelling analysis backed by ClusterTech’s High Performance Computing capability and domain-specific knowledge on air quality modeling. Users get results in a more efficient, reliable and flexible way after specifying the analysis scenario to us.

Developed based on 10+ years Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) project experience and supported by a large-scale parallel computing cluster, we can achieve calculation speed of modelling far outpacing existing products with super low price while keeping high accuracy and stability. We provide modelling with the AERMOD and Caline 4 Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Systems, which are required in Tier 1 and 2 assessment of EIA Reports by Hong Kong Environmental Development Department (EPD).

Environmental consulting companies and research institutions, especially those having tight project schedules, or those with limited computational resources can benefit from Air Dispersion Analyst.


Guaranteed high-qualified outputs
  • Our development team are experts on high performance computing and atmospheric science with more than 10 years of EIA project experience
  • Incorporates the air dispersion model - AERMOD and complies with guidelines[1] enforced by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department
  • Ensure the accuracy of outputs using a powerful large-scale computing cluster specifically designed for AERMOD modelling
Local professional service
  • Offer one-stop service from meteorological data collection to result submission
  • Project Expansion: offer full services of build or rent simulation environment and modeling and from tier 1 to tier 3 assessment of EIA reports

[1] Guidelines: please refer to Guidelines for Local-Scale Air Quality Assessment Using Models enforced by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department


Strictly complie with EPD’s guidelines

Incorporating the air dispersion model - AERMOD and Caline 4

High performance with multi-core Cluster

A multi-core cluster enables parallel computations, achieving high speed

Paid on-demand

Price will be calculated based on demand and requirements

Strictly protect your data

We maintain strict security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorised access to information of each user.

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