What inventory optimisation can do for your business?

Stay on top of your inventory

Inventory management is always a challenge for retailers as it involves multiple parties and it is hard to optimise inventory levels over different products and stores.

ClusterTech’s customised inventory management solutions are based on retailer operation characteristics and sales records. By setting inventory rules and considering all parties involved, inventory optimisation uses artificial intelligence and data analytics technology to search and optimise the inventory level in different stores, as well as automate inventory transfer.


  • Increase sales momentum
  • Reduce out of stock (OOS) frequency
  • Save buyer time
  • 100% logistic and operational compliance


  • Out-of-Stock alarm
  • User-friendly interface
  • Functions designed for product life cycle
  • Integrate system dashboard
  • Consolidation based on sales and rules

Case Study

Automate Inventory Management Process to Improve Operation Efficiency

A sport shoes retailer wanted to automate inventory transfer procedures between different stores to reduce the chances of out-of-stock and over stock.

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