Why choose Retail Marketing Analytics?

In a competitive retail industry, there are a multitude of brands and retail channels from which customers can choose. In order to be successful, retailers have to improve their marketing strategies and understand their customers’ need.

Retail marketing analytics leverage advanced data analytics and social listening technologies to develop more comprehensive customer profiles. This is done by analysing transaction records and researching customers' social media behaviour to uncover their shopping preferences and future needs.

By analysing both internal and external data sources, retailers are able to design more accurate and customised marketing campaigns that meet customers’ need, thereby generating more sales.


  • Increase customers’ shopping frequency and loyalty
  • Uncover potential target customers, Increase sales revenue by 15%
  • Improve marketing operation efficiency 
  • Optimise marketing resources, Increase overall return on investment (ROI)
  • Obtain a more comprehensive customer profile 


  • Centralise customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Classify customer profile to over 100 categories
  • Automate monitoring and evaluating marketing campaign
  • Install ready-to-use marketing campaigns
  • Provide numerous data visualisation options

Case Study

Increase Sales Revenue through Deeper Understanding of Customer Preference and Behaviour

A local shopping mall were able to design more targeted and effective marketing campaigns through enriching shopper profiles using advance analytics, leading to significant boost of overall customer spendings.

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