What is HPC Infrastructure?

Supercomputing Infrastructure at your Fingertips

ClusterTech provides a full range of infrastructure services from planning to maintenance. We are vendor-neutral and adapt to customers’ needs.

Features and Benefits

  Vendor Neutral

ClusterTech provides solutions which can be optimised for hardware from any vendor.

  Problem-based Solutions

ClusterTech consults with the customers regarding their computational problems and provides customized solutions.

  Application-based Tuning

ClusterTech tunes the cluster according to application requirements and benchmarks.

  Single Contact Point

A computing cluster consists of products from multiple vendors. ClusterTech can procure the necessary parts, act as the single contact point and provide long-term support.

  Local Support

ClusterTech provides email, telephone, and onsite support with local staff. This ensures fast and reliable support.

Our Services

The following services can be provided.

Requirement Analysis

ClusterTech discusses problems with the stakeholders.

Solution Planning

According to the requirements, ClusterTech decides the amount of equipment required to provide a solution.


ClusterTech can procure hardware from multiple hardware vendors. Alternatively, in case of an open tender, ClusterTech work with hardware vendors to make bids.

System Implementation

ClusterTech integrates the computing equipment to a usable computing cluster. System issues are discovered and fixed.

Application Integration and Tuning

Applications are compiled and tested on the new computing cluster. The cluster is fine-tuned to achieve high performance.

Document and Training

The cluster and application integration is documented. Knowledge transfer can also be arranged.


ClusterTech acts as the single point of contact for all issues. Particular hardware errors are delegated to the hardware vendor.

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