What is PRISMA KM?

PRISMA Knowledge Management (KM) is an AI-powered system that can assist enterprises in organising important information and knowledge. By making data organised, searchable and shareable, it facilitates information flow, enabling them to improve operational efficiency and make better business decisions.

Why choose PRISMA KM?

Streamline the capture, evaluation and retrieval of knowledge to facilitate information flow

Every business possesses large amounts of information, knowledge and expertise, from various sources and in different formats. In order to turn such data into assets, you need a system to effectively collect, store, share, and manage them.

Utilising text mining technology, PRISMA understands unstructured, trilingual text. Using machine learning, it can automatically and efficiently categorise data, allowing companies to extract important information via a simple keyword search.


  • Reduce labour costs and maximise resource distribution
  • Promote knowledge based decision making
  • Reduce loss of know-how
  • Improve productivity with timely access to knowledge
  • Increase client satisfaction by delivering value insights
  • Promote innovation through wider collaboration


  • Advanced text mining engine
  • Intelligent context search
  • Comprehensive text data taxonomy
  • User-friendly design
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Automated categorisation
  • Trilingual natural language processing
  • Vocabulary bank
  • Support of docx, xlsx and pdf format


1. Smart Research Assistant

With all information across different systems, applications and databases centralised, users can easily locate information via PRISMA’s search engine.

2. Document Classification on Bespoke Taxonomy

PRISMA KM detects and classifies documents by keyword with a customised taxonomy that reflects your organisation's unique vocabulary.

3. Entity Extraction

PRISMA KM can identify entities contained in text, e.g. people, places, locations, and organisations, quickly turning unstructured data into structured. It provides analysts with a summary view of the dataset.

4. Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Not only can PRISMA KM understand language, it can detect sentiments and is able to uncover the correlations across different factors. This provides more insights about the customers.


Case Study

Financial Institute

Identify critical elements that affect stock price

The Institute wanted to filter unimportant information in newsletters in order to identify critical elements that might affect stock price.

Public Securities Bureau

Speed up intelligence handing to prevent crimes

Faced with a large amount of data across a wide range of formats, the Bureau needed a system that could improve the ability and quality of handling intelligence, to better prevent crime.


Public Transportation Corporation

Develop customer loyalty with shorter time-to-insights

Operating one of the largest railway systems in China, the public transport service provider receives a large amount of daily passenger feedback. A system that could automatically and efficiently categorise these texts for analysis would significantly improve operations.

Telecom Service Provider

Improve service experience
via customer sentiment detection

In a city where Chinese and English are mixed and used in unique ways, the client wanted a solution that could efficiently and objectively identify sentiments in customer surveys.


Shopping Mall

Facilitate personalised marketing with
multi-dimensional customer segmentations

With its customer behaviour data scattered in different sources, the Mall struggled to uncover the value of its data. To better understand their customers and improve marketing ROI, the client wanted a system that could centralise their various data sources for in-depth analysis.


Streamline information search to
improve prosecution efficiency

As the daily practice of prosecutors involves extracting a lot of information from a vast file-based database, the Procuratorate needed a solution that could systematically manage key documents with an intelligent search engine that saves their time to find the desired information.

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