What is ClusterTech Online Platform for Emission Reduction (OPER)?

The ClusterTech Online Platform for Emission Reduction (OPER) is an online simulation platform which focuses on improving regional air quality in China. Based on the technical guidance of “Three lines and one list”, OPER integrates regional weather model, chemical transport model, source apportionment model and comprehensive algorithm on optimising emission reduction and is able to assist users in determining the allowable emission of air pollutants, understanding the gap with standard, and formulating related control measures in the region so as to identify the key control area. OPER has revolutionised the traditional quantitative emission reduction method, providing an innovative multi-emission approach to target both quality and quantity of pollutants.

OPER produces professional and indicative simulation data like atmospheric environmental capacity simulation, air quality assessment and provides scientific supporting for environmental planning and control measures for corresponding departments (“Three lines and one list” and historical and forecasted heavy air pollution episode), which optimise the source tracking and emission reduction of PM2.5 and Ozone effectively.

Key features


Rich experience in atmospheric modelling

  • The OPER expert team has more than 10 years experience in setting up, researching and optimising the workflow. Our platform technology is stable and the output is accurate and reliable.

Low development and maintenance cost

  • Save time and cost of system installation, simply log in to the web interface to work on the model simulation and analysis easily.

High scalability

  • The OPER platform is deeply optimised and can be customised according to customer's specification, which is far more compatible and scalable than other measurement systems on the market.

Exceptional and innovative development

  • With the rich business experience and expertise in cloud and high performance computing of our expert team, OPER provides high resolution, multidimensional and multi-scenario environmental quality simulation.

Simple interface

  • The web interface of OPER is simple and easy to use, it provides click-to-run, multidimensional display and GIS map , which makes the atmospheric environment data clear and improves efficiency on decision making.

Core module

Industry application

  • One city with one policy – Heavy air pollution alert system
  • Three lines and one list - Atmospheric environment capacity simulation
  • Three lines and one list – Environmental quality compliance planning
  • Collaborative optimization of PM2.5 and O3 reduction
  • Verification and analysis of baseline emission inventory
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