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We convert paper-based historical customer records into digital data and offer a digital solution tailored to the wellness sector's existing business workflows. Our solution encompasses a wide range of functionalities, including online registration for new memberships, digital forms for membership health assessments, and digital signatures for sales agreements. By leveraging customised IT solutions, we effectively handle the challenges associated with data entry, processing, and maintenance in the fitness industry.

Furthermore, we have incorporated customised feature buttons in our value-added service options. For instance, our advanced artificial intelligence engine, PRISMA, generates comprehensive business analysis reports and sends reminders for upcoming course expirations. These additional features enhance the functionality and value of our solution, providing businesses with valuable insights and improved operational efficiency.

On the hardware side, we deploy dedicated data servers at our clients' stores to securely store the commercial data of each branch. Our team of seasoned experts ensures regular maintenance and monitoring of the infrastructure, guaranteeing its optimal performance.

Moreover, as a flexible option, we provide the choice of storing data in our private cloud, offering enhanced accessibility and scalability for our customers.



  Register Form

Engage customers to share their pain points and have a better chance to deliver personalized customer experiences.

  Assessment Form

Automate everyday tasks and collect activity tracks and evaluation records to gather your professional insights.

  Consent Form

Ensure compliance and obtain consent easily, spending less time on administrative work.

Key Features

Digitisation of Workflow

We have customised multiple digital interfaces, including online registration forms for new memberships, assessment forms, and sales agreement forms, enhancing the user experience and improving the flexibility of business operations.

Personalised Customer Programs

Client’s expertise of understanding the physical condition and health needs of members through spreadsheet data, professionally customised user courses, and provide a better class experience.

Experience and Expertise

ClusterTech team possesses rich experience and expertise in IT solutions. We can design the most suitable architecture based on customer requirements and provide clear project guidance and planning.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive consulting services to assist customers in building a sound digital operational architecture and addressing the challenges brought by customer business growth.

Data Management and Analysis

We provide intelligent reports and analysis capabilities related to customer registration, membership trends, attendance rates, and revenue. These data insights help our clients evaluate performance and formulate better marketing strategies.

Data Security and Privacy Protection

All data is stored in private cloud/local servers, ensuring high confidentiality and firewall protection.



1. High Operational Efficiency

Digitise most primitive and cumbersome business processes, making it easier for companies to allocate limited human resources to the most significant sector.

2. Time and Cost Savings

Our solution significantly reduces time and cost, delivering tangible results to customers.

3. Flexibility

Rapidly adapt to changing business needs and technology environments, enabling organisations to quickly adjust business strategies.

4. Preparation for Future Growth

Harnessing the power of data, our solution enables informed strategic decision-making and prepares businesses for growth in the next phase.


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