"At ClusterTech, I have had the opportunity to work on exciting projects in a broad range of fields. Through my involvement in projects across various industries, including retail, government and legal fields, I have gained valuable exposure to diverse applications of AI. The support and guidance of my experienced colleagues have greatly aided in the development of my skills in this field, enabling me to broaden my horizons and foster my passion for AI."
Dr SK Chan, Senior Computational Scientist

Joined us in 2020
PhD in Physics, Nagoya University
MPhil, Master and Bachelor in Physics, CUHK

"ClusterTech’s products cover a wide range of technologies. Compared with my experiences at Apple Inc. and PwC, I am challenged with more intriguing problems that allow me to improve swiftly and give me greater sense of accomplishment."
Angelos Ching, Senior System Engineer

Joined us in 2014
BEng in Information Engineering, CUHK

"I have been given many opportunities to use my creativity and analytical skills to bring value to our clients.  The experiences in management and technical knowledge I gained from my work keep me competitive.  ClusterTech also helped me advance to my current position very quickly."
Ada Yung, Principal Scientist

Joined us in 2010
MPhil in Computational Fluid Dynamics, HKU;
BSc in Mathematics (Major) and Computer Science (Minor), HKU

"ClusterTech entrusts me to take leadership roles in solution design and development. I solve customers' problems in major projects and, unlike start-ups, ClusterTech provides abundant resources for me to extend my skill set and reach my full potential. Our well constructed project management process allows me to work ultra efficiently."
Emprise Chan, Software Architect

Joined us in 2013
MPhil in Computer Science, HKUST;
BSc in Computer Science & Mathematics, HKUST

"I received good mentorship at ClusterTech and it brightens me with more exposure than my previous jobs. The tech-savvy peer culture at ClusterTech lets me make brave technical changes so I have become more confident about my skills."
Steven Wong, Software Engineer

Joined us in 2021
BEng in Information Engineering


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