What is Fengqi Asia?

Fengqi Asia is a public cloud platform designed for enterprises of all sizes. It allows users to utilise the cloud with minimal effort.

The platform brings together a collection of world-class technologies from leading brands including Joyent, and Verizon Edgio. This allows our users to meet all their cloud computing needs on a single platform.

Fengqi Asia is also a proud provider of public cloud, domain name system (DNS) and content delivery network (CDN) services to the HKSAR government, meeting all safety and technical requirements.

Our Products

Cloud Compute.png

Cloud Compute

You can effortlessly scale as your requirements change. CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, and SmartOS are available.

Load Balancing.png

Load Balancing

Our smart load balancer automatically distributes traffic across your selected machines, achieving greater fault tolerance in your application.

Cloud Storage.png

Cloud Storage

We provide developers with secure, durable, and highly scalable cloud storage. Object storage and Samba storage are available.

Content Delivery Network (CDN).png

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our enterprise-grade CDN leverages a global network of servers to ensure your content is always delivered to your users from the optimal location.

Domain Name Service (DNS).png

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Fast, globally distributed, and rich in features, our DNS offers the best price-to-performance ratio of any provider.

Web Application Firewall (WAF).png

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The cloud-based WAF provides a high degree of protection against malicious attacks.



We partner with high bandwidth data centers in Hong Kong and Beijing to offer extremely fast access no matter where your data resides.

Pre-Installed Databases.png

Pre-Installed Databases

Our engineers have pre-installed and pre-configured three types of database instances for ultimate performance and scalability.

Professional Services.png

Professional Services

We offer customised solutions to cater for the varying cloud computing needs of different enterprises.



Cloud resources are scalable, giving companies the ability to respond quickly to changes.


Our services are extremely reliable, maintaining an uptime of over 99.95% over past years.

Lower Costs

Utilising a cloud infrastructure means savings on many fronts, including server maintenance, bandwidth usage, software licensing and hardware upgrade expenses.


With the cloud, users no longer have to spend time managing hardware; instead, they can concentrate on moving the business forward.

Why choose Fengqi Asia Cloud ?

Fengqi Asia is reliable, scalable, secure, fast and lean. Over the past seven years, Fengqi has been providing public cloud services and support to thousands of gaming, e-commerce, media, social network and mobile service providers without major interruption. 


7+ years of experience in game, mobile and web hosting without interruption

High Scalability

Grows applications from beta to millions of users without any downtime

Great I/O & CPU Performance

Accelerates data access and reduces latency

24 x 7 Local Support

Offers professional support across major cities in Mainland China and Hong Kong

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