ClusterTech professional IT consulting services are available in four key technology areas: High Performance Computing (HPC), Cloud Computing, AI & Analytics, and Big Data Infrastructure. We provide enterprises with access to our expertise in areas ranging from IT infrastructure, system integration, and high-performance clusters, to software development, data & business analytics, and product training.

Our team of consultants are led by tens of highly capable practitioners, a large percentage having Ph.D.s and more than 15 years of experience, to ensure business objectives are achieved efficiently, effectively and economically.

Service Scope
  • cover - Retail Marketing Analytics
    Retail Marketing Analytics

    Use advanced data analytics and social listening technologies to uncover business insights and support retail marketing strategies

    Inventory Optimisation
    Inventory Optimisation

    Utilise advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to design a customised inventory management solution

  • Fengqi Asia Banner
    Fengqi Asia

    Utilise cloud computing with minimal effort


    The One-Stop, Out-of-the-Box HPC Cloud Platform

  • EIA PATH v2.1 (Air Quality Impact Assessment) Solutions Banner
    EIA PATH v2.1 Solutions

    Complete air quality impact assessment reports quickly and efficiently

    China Air Quality Forecast App

    China Air Quality Forecast is the first and most accurate air quality index (AQI) forecast mobile app for China.

  • HPC-Infrastructure
    HPC Infrastructure Service

    Customise computing clusters for your technical needs, from planning, design, implementation, to maintenance

  • IBM Platform Computing
    IBM Platform Computing

    Consolidate and manage computing resources efficiently

    Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software

    High Performance File System for Linux HPC Cluster

    Fujitsu Exabyte
    Fujitsu Exabyte File System

    High Performance File System for HPC Cluster

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