What is CCMP-EaaS?

ClusterTech has created this one-stop, out-of-the box high performance computing cloud platform with its underlying platform and container engine developed based on our expertise in cutting-edge HPC and cloud computing technologies. CCMP-EaaS answers to the high expectations of the scientific research computing environment with computation as the core, data as the main body and experimentation as the mode of operations.

Through the organic combination of high performance computing and cloud computing advantages, CCMP-EaaS can fully support the traditional ultra-large-scale parallel computing usage mode without changing users' usage patterns, and perfectly support all kinds of new computing modes such as big data processing, artificial intelligence training, and interactive computing. On the basis of providing scientific research computing users with the powerful computing power of the traditional computing center, CCMP-EaaS can fulfill the computing environment requirements of different applications, customizable users and dynamic switching, and realize a full range of services from computing power, algorithms to data.

Core Technologies

Support of heterogeneous hardware

CCMP-EaaS supports the management of complex heterogeneous computing environment and the mixed deployment of generic x86 servers, x86 fat nodes, multi-model GPU servers, ARM servers, FPGA accelerated servers and KNL servers.

Container specialized for HPC

Tailored to the characteristics of high performance computing, ClusterTech developed the specialized container of low performance overhead, flexible management and configurable isolation granularity.

Virtual dynamic cluster

Powered by the self-developed container management technology, the cluster scenarios can be “cloudified”, bringing more flexibility and accessibility of resources to the cluster users.

Rich collection of pre-installed applications

With optimized compilation, a rich collection of research software applications have been pre-installed, thus lowering the user entry barrier. Such out-of-the-box nature enhances the research efficiency.

Segregated operating environment

Applying cutting-edge cloud computing technology, the issue of applications’ dependence on and their conflicts with the operating environment can be avoided by the segregation of the applications from the operating environment.

Various cluster types supported

HPC cluster, big data processing cluster and large-scale training cluster are supported to meet the diverse computing needs of scientific research users.

Supporting both containerization and virtualization

The platform supports both containerization and virtualization technologies at the same time to meet users' needs for ease of use, performance, environment encapsulation, application deployment and other diverse requirements.

Virtual superuser privileges

Normal users can have superuser privileges in a private environment, balancing system security and the flexibility of use.

Multi-dimensional data exchange

In addition to supporting the data interconnect between different application instances under the same user, it also supports collaborative sharing of instance data within the project team, as well as the sharing of application images among users on the platform, making data flow more convenient and the communication of scientific research more smooth.

Platform Functionalities

User management system

For managing the identity authentication, approval, authority control, quota information management, user groups and the relationship with the users.

Container isolation system

Environment isolation is realized through the Namespace technology of Linux core. Resource control is realized through CGroup technology.

Resource scheduling system

According to customer application requirements, the hardware resources such as computing, storage and network are uniformly scheduled and managed. Resource scheduling allocates a complete set of operating environments.

Virtualization management system

The platform supports KVM virtualization technologies and provides more comprehensive operating system support. It also supports full virtual machine lifecycle management and hard disk expansion, snapshot and recovery, etc.

Data management system

Users are entitled to private data directory permissions. It supports the transfer and management of data over a variety of protocols, including HTTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and so on.

Data sharing system

It supports the sharing of private data and shared data sharing within the project team. It also supports data sharing among user local, platform and within the same instance.

GPU management scheduling system

It supports GPU virtualized and containerized scheduling. It also supports 1-N block GPU transmission for a single container and virtual machine, as well as GPU full transmission and multi-machine multi-card GPU training cluster.

Cluster scheduling system

It integrates SLURM, TORQUE and other HPC scheduling systems to achieve the scheduling, distribution and management of cluster tasks. Job submission is carried out through various ways such as web job template, web command line, SSH client, etc.

Big data scheduling system

It integrates various big data processing systems, realizes the processing and analysis of big data tasks, and can directly integrate mature commercial big data platforms.

Image management system

It supports the upload and management of container and virtualized image environments. It also supports users to encapsulate the image environment and to publish and use it through the platform application store.

Report management system

It summarizes and displays through charts user information, platform information, resource status and operational data such as usage statistics of images. All management information is visible here.

Billing management system

It supports separate billing for single users and project teams. It also supports the setting of billing weights according to different resource types. According to the needs of the accounting system customization, it can be customized to interoperate with the financial systems according to the billing requirements.

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