Enabling our colleagues to achieve more in life and become better people is the first priority of our company!
- SUEN, Wai Mo, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of ClusterTech


What do ClusterTech-ies say?

Eric Leung

System Architect 
joined us in 2010

ClusterTech's location by a bicycle track allows me to cycle to work every day. The exercise I obtain from cycling gives me the energy to deal with challenges at work.
Lillian Li

Marketing Executive
joined us in 2015

I so love representing my house to compete against colleagues from other houses for the prizes awarded at the Annual Dinner.
Clotho Tsang

Project Manager 
joined us in 2005

ClusterTech advocates family harmony. I'm so touched by them allowing me to relocate to Beijing office to accompany my fiancé who found a job there.
Lee Yiu Chung

Senior System Engineer
joined us in 2011

We enjoy sharing ways of overcoming challenges. We inspire one another by sharing views on methodology and design techniques on our TechCorner forum.