What is CCMP?

CCMP (Clustertech Cloud Management Platform) is a simple and free private cloud system written in Go. It uses a web interface to provide virtual machine services for multiple users.


Easy to Start_2.png

Easy to Start

CCMP can be installed with a single command, adding servers is simply plug and play.

Easy to Use_02.png

Easy to Use

Users can perform all management and user operations via a web browser.

Easy Network_02.png

Easy Network Access to VMs

Following creation, all virtual machines can be easily accessed.


Flexible Resource Management

VMs can be dynamically adjusted, based on demands. VMs can be migrated and resources released after shutdown.


Real-time Alert System

Email alerts will be sent if a system goes down, allowing issues to be quickly resolved.


Instant Deployment

CCMP can be deployed on a single server running Ubuntu 16.04 OS and 4GB or more memory.

Support Multiple Servers

Users can dynamically add additional servers for CPU and RAM resources for VMs via PXE network boot.

Full Web UI

Both Admin and User portals are web-based. Full operations can be done on a web browser.

Useful VM Operations

Users can expand disk space, clone, backup and create private image.

Self-Service of Multiple Users

CCMP offers a two-level model for user management: group and user, and supports setting resource quota.

VM Access via Port Forwarding

VMs can be accessed VM via port forwarding. Additional port forwarding can be added by simply entering the destination port in VM.

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