ClusterTech cooperates with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - Youth Crime Prevention Centre

ClusterTech is honored to be selected to work with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (hereafter HKFYG) - Youth Crime Prevention Centre on the PROJECT RADAR II which applied our award-winning AI text mining technology, PRISMA, to analyse the drug-related posts and comments on social media platforms.

This project aims to analyse the social media users’ opinions on drugs and the reasons for taking drugs. Through deeply understanding the trend of drug abuse from social media platforms by machine learning technology, the organisation can provide some targeted anti-drug education and services to the public. In this research, we found that drug-related posts on social media platforms dramatically increased by 423%, from 1,001 in2016 to 5,237 in 2020. Meanwhile, the estimated post traffic rose sharply from 4,400,000 times to 17,340,000 times which was 298% increase. Top four drugs that social media users most discussed and had positive attitudes are Marijuana, Psychedelics (LSD), Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) and Zopiclone.

Ms Lee, office-in-charge of HKFYG - Youth Crime Prevention Centre, claimed that this project brings significant value to anti-drug services and preventive education. Understanding social media users’ attitudes and behavior of drug abuse and cooperating with the experienced social workers, she believed that it is a big step forward for grasping the drug abuse problem in Hong Kong.

As a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, ClusterTech has 20 years of experience and aims to bring positive effects to society. Through our text mining technology PRISMA and professional consulting service, we believe that our clients can save their cost effectively and adopt targeted strategies efficiently.

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About The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - Youth Crime Prevention Centre:
HKFYG’s youth at risk services started in the 1960s aims to provide some supporting services. Along with the rapidly changing society, the quality of juvenile crime is continuously changing and the significant crime is extending towards a younger population. Youth Crime Prevention Centre aims to provide consultancy, solicitude and support to unruly and delinquent youths. Thus, HKFYG assists to strengthen youth positive thought, increase their social ability for disseminating healthy and law-abiding life.