ClusterTech speaks at 2019 Global High-End Manufacturing Summit (GHMS)

ClusterTech was invited to speak and showcase its big data solution for manufacturing at the 2019 Global High-End Manufacturing Summit (GHMS) on 14 May 2019. Hosted in Changsha, Hunan, by the Asia Pacific CEO Association Worldwide (APCEO), a prominent international economic organisation, the summit gathered over 800 international politicians, government officials, global high-end manufacturing industry leaders, technology innovation leaders, industrial investors, and industry experts to discuss global high-end manufacturing technology changes and major trends in industrial agglomeration.

Dr Suen Wai-Mo, CEO of ClusterTech, spoke on how big data technology can assist the manufacturing industry in overcoming industrial challenges. He explained that, in the face of business expansion and increased competition, the challenge for management is how to reduce costs, and thus improve price competitiveness and increase profits while providing identical or even better products. To address their pain points, Ctdata, a member of the ClusterTech Group, utilise DataSuites to digitise parts of the management process, which allows them to operate with higher efficiency.

Dr Suen went on to share a case study on the benefits of big data technology for high-end manufacturing. Through data collection, management, calculation and application, DataSuites enabled its client, a discrete manufacturer, to perform risk management of current orders, simulate future new order status, and intelligently assign material resources. This not only reduced delay by 35% and inventory ratio by 70%, but also improved materials collection efficiency by 60%.