Fengqi Asia x Joyent 5th Anniversary : SmartOS Double Rewards

Fengqi Asia x Joyent 5th Anniversary SmartOS Double Rewards - 20160802(1).png

For a limited time, save big on SmartOS...

As Joyent’s strategic partner in Greater China, Fengqi Asia has been operating SmartOS for more than five years. In celebration, Fengqi Asia has prepared the following rewards for you:

Redeem Your Rewards Now>> Hong Kong Data Center | Beijing Data Center

  • 1 x SmartMachine FREE for 30 days

  • 6 x Months EXTRA at no cost when you purchase 12 months

Why Fengqi Asia?

Joyent's Sole Partner in Greater China 

In partnership with Joyent, Fengqi has been providing public cloud services and support to thousands of gaming, e-commerce, media, social network and mobile service providers in the region. Fengqi is also trusted by the Hong Kong Government, and meets all safety and technical requirements.

The China Factor

Fengqi Asia has extensive POPs covering the greater China region. International connections offer the lowest latency, and data centers in Beijing are armed with Multi-BGP lines to the five major telcos including China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile.

24 x 7 Local Support

We have offices at a number of major cities in China, with 24×7 onsite support available. You can rely on Fengqi Asia’s professional team to get your applications up and running on SmartOS in no time.

About Fengqi Asia

Fengqi Asia is a public cloud platform designed for developers to utilize the cloud with minimal effort. Powered by ClusterTech and Joyent Technology, Fengqi Asia is reliable, scalable, secure and fast. Fengqi Asia is also a proud provider of public cloud services to the HKSAR government. For more information about Fengqi Asia, please visit www.fengqi.asia.