ClusterTech’s CEO interviewed by The Odyssey of Dragon

Dr. Wai Mo Suen, Founder and CEO of ClusterTech, was interviewed by The Odyssey of Dragon, sharing his point of view on developing high performance computing and big data infrastructure. The Odyssey of Dragon is a documentary TV show produced by Phoenix TV, exploring how the Chinese corporations expand their business to the international market.

Dr Suen mentioned that though one may not notice, high performance computing is widely applied in our daily life, such as forecasting the wind shear when planes take off and land and evaluating pollutant emission, etc.. In order to evaluate and control pollutant emission in a scientific way, ClusterTech developed Online Platform for Emission Reduction (OPER)by using high performance computing. OPER has helped several meteorological departments in China to make the correct decision for emission reduction in providing accurate data analysis and scientific evidence.

Dr. Suen stated that technology has made our life more convenient but we should understand what technology is. “Technology is based on science and the foundation of science is rationality and truth seeking.” Dr. Suen pointed out we should follow the scientific spirit and not be driven by our stance when we explore technology.

ClusterTech is committed to providing professional services to clients through advanced computing technologies. At the same time, we pay attention toinformation security when providing value-added services to our clients. We have been certified to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management System since 2019. We will continue to provide more advanced products and professional services in the future.