ClusterTech Invited to the IS-Dream Series: Data Science Webinar as a keynote speaker

ClusterTech was invited to speak at the IS-Dream Series: Data Science Webinar, which was held by Information Systems Association Business and Economics Association Hong Kong University Students' Union on 25 Feb 2021.

With the topic “Introducing Data Science and the Industry to Beginners”, Mr. SK Chan, Computational Scientist at ClusterTech, explained a widely used analytic scheme in the Data Science field and shared his own experience. Ms. Janet To, HR & Admin Manager at ClusterTech, also introduced the company background and the recruitment plan.

ClusterTech has provided the latest computing solutions for hundreds of national and international institutions and enterprises, some of which were the world’s top 500 corporations. We are committed to cultivating new generations and encouraging them to join the innovation & technology industry. We will continue to recruit more talents, grow with them and strive for an advanced city together in the future.