ClusterTech advocates for gender equality in STEM

ClusterTech has been an advocate for gender equality in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the years. With the aim of encouraging more outstanding female students in STEM, ClusterTech continues to sponsor “The ClusterTech Prize” in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Sydney.  

In 2022, the prize was awarded to Miss Katherine Sutarlim, the top female student in 2021, who also works as a mobile application developer to develop student portal applications to improve student experience. Teammates find Katerine to be versatile and a good team player. She sees herself to be a lead developer playing a major role in projects that make an impact in five years. Regarding gender inequality, Katerine believes that if people can be aware of what impact can females bring, they can make policies that encourage hiring and retaining more women in the field.

There’s still a long journey ahead of us in terms of gender equality in STEM and even in this society. ClusterTech strives to provide more opportunities to women with scholarships, hiring processes and a positive working environment. Our female colleagues mentioned that they joined ClusterTech – for an exciting yet secure career future; for a meaningful endeavor and for our personal and professional development.