Dr. Wai Mo Suen Leads ClusterTech to Revolutionise High-Performance Computing in Hong Kong


ChatGPT has become the hottest topic nowadays. However, High Performance Computing (HPC) is not even known in the Hong Kong market in 1990s. As a professor of theoretical physics at the Washington University, Dr. Wai Mo Suen came to the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a visiting professor to conduct research on black holes in 1999. However, he was surprised to find that Hong Kong did not have the necessary high-performance computing facilities for large-scale numerical research. This was in contrast to the United States, where HPC was extensively used not only for scientific research, but also for practical problems in areas such as finance, manufacturing, and public services. This prompted Dr. Suen to establish ClusterTech Limited with the vision of promoting the application of advanced computing technologies in the Greater China region and APAC.

Dr. Suen is a renowned entrepreneur and industry leader in the field of high-performance computing (HPC) and big data analytics. He is the Founder and CEO of ClusterTech Limited, a Hong Kong-based company that provides advanced computing solutions to businesses across various industries.

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Suen has been a key figure in advancing the field of HPC in Hong Kong. Under his leadership, ClusterTech has become a leading provider of HPC and big data analytics services. The company has helped clients to optimise their operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth through the use of cutting-edge technology and expertise.