Dalian tourism industry delegation visited ClusterTech in Hong Kong

Guests from Dalian Tourism Administration, Dalian Airport, and Dalian i-Smart Tours Co., Ltd. visited ClusterTech headquarters at Hong Kong Science Park on 22 November, 2012. ClusterTech’s CEO Dr. Suen, Wai Mo and Senior Business Director Dr. Ng welcomed the Dalian guests.

The purpose of this visit was to progress the co-operation of i-Smart Tours, an online digital tourism platform based in Dalian; and Fengqi.Asia, ClusterTech’s public cloud platform. “The elastic feature of cloud computing plus Fengqi.Asia’s CPU bursting technology, and its incredible reliability, will help us survive the explosive web traffic in peak seasons”, said Dr. Jiang Hongbo, general manager of Dalian i-Samrt Tour Co., Ltd, “Moreover, ClusterTech’s rich experience in data mining will help us to discover valuable business information implied within massive data of tourist activities. This will allow us to offer better service to both our tourism business and tourists.

Mr. Yi Jun, Director of Dalian Tourism Administration, gave a further introduction about Dalian’s opportunities and challenges faced in the development of tourism industry. Dalian has experience in location, transportation, and a large number of passengers from Japan and Korea. This will help to develop a travel transiting platform in Northeast Asia. However, the difficulty of analysing complex tourism activities is also the problem Dalian has to face to. Yi said: “I hope a company with advanced technologies, such as ClusterTech, could provide support to our business”.

Dr. Suen added, “The tourism resource of China is a treasure. We would love to use IT technology to solve the technical difficulties associated with tourism development.” Dr. Ng described how ClusterTech’s technologies could be applied to tourism related areas, by taking examples of the meteorological forecasting system at Hong Kong airport, the rainstorm forecasting system for both the Hong Kong Observatory and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The next day after visit, a briefing conference and signing ceremony was held in the Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong. Mr. Ivan Ng, Head of Marketing, represented ClusterTech to sign a strategic partnership agreement with Dalian i-Samrt Tour Co., Ltd.

For more information, please visit:
Dalian i-Samrt Tour: http://www.ihuiu.com/
Dalian Tourism Administration:http://en.visitdl.com/Web/