ClusterTech participates in Fujitsu Asia Conference

As a high performance computing (HPC) service provider recognized by the Hong Kong government, ClusterTech was invited to demonstrate HPC applications at Fujitsu’s annual event - Fujitsu Asia Conference at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong on 18 Jan 2017. Fujitsu Asia Conference was first held in 2014. This year’s theme was "Human Centric Innovation – Driving Digital Transformation”. At the conference, Mr. Jason Wong, Associate Partner and Head of Marketing of ClusterTech introduced the role of HPC in different applications including weather, air quality and stock market prediction. He described ClusterTech’s HPC services with demo videos and examples. ClusterTech also attracted the attention of many delegates with its “mini HPC” cluster display.

ClusterTech participates in Fujitsu Asia Conference - 20170122(1).jpg

With the increasing trend of automation and computerization, there is a global trend towards more powerful computing infrastructures. Countries are in a race to develop more advanced supercomputers to cater for increasing needs. Examples include China’s Sunway TaihuLight, US’s Titan, and Japan’s K computer manufactured by Fujitsu. As corporations adopt high performance supercomputers, they will require relevant services from professional HPC service providers in order to efficiently utilise them, e.g. help to fine tune the machine to adapt to bespoke requirements. With 16 years of HPC experiences and more than 20 Ph.D. professionals specializing in this area, ClusterTech successfully established itself as a leader in the HPC sector.