Hong Kong-Guangdong Cloud Industry Collaboration Forum

The Hong Kong – Guangdong cloud industry collaboration forum, co-hosted by the Office of the HK Government Chief Information Officer and the Economic and Information Commission of the Guangdong Province, was hosted at the Tamar Central Government Office on 16 April, 2013.

About 200 attendees including cloud service providers, enterprises, professional bodies and organizations from both Hong Kong and Guangdong attended this forum. Ideas on development opportunities and best practices of cloud services in Hong Kong and Guangdong were discussed, and business opportunities for the IT industry and other sectors explored. Keynote speeches and success stories were given by industry leaders from Hong Kong and Guangdong, and served to promote awareness and proper adoption of cloud services.

Dr. NG, Ping Hei, partner and senior business director of ClusterTech was invited to the forum and gave a talk regarding cloud computing platform selection.

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