Why choose PRISMA Customer Opinion Mining?

Identify critical insights from customer opinions

In the service industry, a company’s success is largely dependent on customer satisfaction. To maximise satisfaction, it is crucial to understand what customers want promptly.

PRISMA Customer Opinion Mining is a solution powered by PRISMA, a machine learning text processing technology. The artificial intelligent (AI) engine detects themes, locations and sentiments from textual data. This allows enterprises to identify key factors that affect customer satisfaction and quickly discover what customers' new demands are.


Identify New Market Demands

Use machine learning text processing technology to categorise and detect key content in customer opinions, allowing enterprises to gain insights and predict new market demands.

Make Better Sales Strategies

Enable better sales strategies by understanding which and how factors affect customer satisfaction. Update sales strategies through regular automatic analysis of customer data.

Improve Enterprise and Customer Relationships

Regular analysis of customer data to keep track of customer experiences and take actionable strategies. Resolve critical issues to improve customer satisfaction.

Create More Business Values

By using PRISMA Customer Opinion Mining to automate customer opinion analysis, enterprises can free up manpower to work on other higher-value tasks, creating more business value and improving operating efficiency.


  • Natural language processing
  • Detect sentiments objectively
  • Automated categorisation
  • Customised dashboard
  • Scalable data storage design
  • Compatible and customisable for 3rd party software integration

Case Study

Telecom Analyses Customer Feedback for Better Service Quality

Working with a Hong Kong telecom company, PRISMA Customer Opinion Mining explored relationships between customer feedback and its Net Promoter Score (NPS) to improve service quality.

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